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Form a triangle

Posted on: March 23rd, 2014 by

You certainly can make a triangle from 3 unit toothpicks called a, b and c (each being a side opposite angles A, B, and C respectively.

But what if you were to:
Cut a piece from b and burn it.
Cut a piece from c and burn it.
Leave a alone.
What are the probabilities that you will be able to form the following (using the entire remaining lengths as sides):
No Triangle
A Right Triangle
An Acute Triangle
An Obtuse Triangle.

- via Sid Hollander

One Response to Form a triangle

  1. Sid Hollander had this to say about that:

    Please Note: The idea for this problem was adapted from the essay “Probability of π“ by Ross Honsberger in his wonderful book titled INGENUITY IN MATHEMATICS.

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