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coin play

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 by

A large bag of coins is emptied on the floor such that no two coins overlap each other.
1. A child randomly selects a coin on the floor.
2. If the coin is heads, the child turns it over to show tails.
3. If the coin is tails, the child flips the coin in the air and likr before, doesn't overlap another.
4. He then goes to #1
After this process runs for a long time, comment of the the proportion of heads and tails in the room.

- via Quora

One Response to coin play

  1. Mike Earnest had this to say about that:

    The proportion of heads at time n, p_n, will assume every possible value infinitely many times. As n gets large, the expected value of p_n approaches 1/3.

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