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win a gold coin

Posted on: December 28th, 2013 by

A game show host places 3 coins: 1 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold. He tells you that if you tell a true statement, you will get one of the three coins. If you lie however, you will not get any coin.

What statement should you make to guarantee you get the gold coin?

- via Richard Wiseman blog

3 Responses to win a gold coin

  1. Manu Bansal had this to say about that:

    I will not win the bronze coin and I will not win the silver coin.

  2. Arpit had this to say about that:

    Consider the statement - "If I get a coin, it will be the gold one, or else I won't get a coin at all". If the statement is true, the first half has to be satisfied by the host and I get the gold coin. Note that the statement cannot be false. Why? Consider the two cases:
    1. If the first half is false, then I get a silver/bronze coin. But I cannot since the statement is false.
    2. If the second half is false, then it implies I am getting a coin, which means the statement is right.

    Therefore it has to be correct.

    Let me know if I am wrong.

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