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Jealous husbands problem

Posted on: November 30th, 2013 by

3 men and their wives (6 people in total) want to cross a river in a boat that can hold at most 2 people. No woman can be in the same side as another man unless her husband is present. Show how all 6 people can cross the river.

- via Wikipedia

2 Responses to Jealous husbands problem

  1. siddharth had this to say about that:

    it can be done and I have done it.. We need to get all the males on one side first and then get the females one after the other by sending their male counterparts accross.
    1.send b1 b2..bting b2 back
    2.send b2b3 ..bring b3 back.
    3.send a1a2 ...being b1 back
    4.send a3b3 bring a1 back
    5.send a1b1 ..and ask them to go home now..

  2. Michael had this to say about that:

    If b1 and b2 are supposed to be males, then you just left both of their wives alone with another man, violating the rules on the first step! One solution with minimal steps is at the corresponding Wikipedia page, and takes 11 steps, not just 9.

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