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Missing dollar

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013 by

Three people eat at a hotel. The bill turned out to be $30. Each person paid $10. The clerk later finds that the bill is only $25. He sends an assistant to return the $5 to the 3 people. The assistant returns $1 to each of the 3 people and keeps $2 to himself. Now each person has effectively paid $9, thus a total of $27 was paid. In addition the assistant has $2. $27+$2=$29. But we started with $30. Where is the missing dollar?

- via GRiN

One Response to Missing dollar

  1. Michael had this to say about that:

    That's a classic, but better told than written, since it's easier to confuse folks that way. Of course, it's not $27+$2, but $27-$2. The $2 is going the wrong way, since it was included in the original $27. $2+$2+$1 is $5, what was "missing" to begin with.

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