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Lock that can close without a key

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by

There are locks that needs a key to open, but can be closed without using the key.

Imagine the following scenario: You are the only person in the home who owns the key to the shed. A week ago, you open the shed, store some stuff inside, check whether everything is in order, then exit the shed and finally lock it. Later the police come and find a dead body inside the shed. Since you are the only one having the key to the shed, the police suspect you as the murderer. However, the padlock to the shed can be locked without using the key. Show how the murderer can use that fact to enter the room without having the key.

via Detective school Q episode 13

One Response to Lock that can close without a key

  1. Lizard had this to say about that:

    While you're inside the shed, the murderer takes your open lock and replaces it with his own. After you leave, he unlocks and removes his lock, plants the body, then replaces and closes your lock.

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