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Weight of watermelon

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by

A counter-intuitive puzzle:
A watermelon weighs 1kg. It contains 99% water. You let some water in the watermelon evaporate until the watermelon contains 98% water. What is the weight of the watermelon after the evaporation?

Try to guess the answer before solving for it.
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One Response to Weight of watermelon

  1. Sudharsan had this to say about that:

    The solid portion is the same all time.
    99% water in 1kg = 1% of solid

    1% of 1kg(1000grams) is 10grams

    This 10grams now weighs 2% (100-98%) of overall weight. Hence, over all weight is
    10/(0.02) = 0500g or 0.5kg

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